Success Stories

Self Monitoring has become FUG's mirror

"Self monitoring is indeed a reflection of previous year's activities. We did not know how much money was distributed by the committee for what purpose and to whom. We even did not know where the money has been spent. We had heard about the constitution, but we did not know what it is about. We heard that fund has been received in the name of climate change or weather whatsoever. Now, we got to know what is happening" - FUG member Mrs. Nirmala Neupane, Bhagekiteni CFUG of Chhatedhunga VDC 1, 2, Tehrathum.

"People talk about monitoring, some 3-4 people gather, decide place to go to the field site and return. We do not know what they saw in the visited site, they never tell us".

"I came to know how general users are set in the steering committee; facilities were provisioned in constitution to users like us, but it was not applied properly. Self monitoring is CFUG's mirror. If it is done this way, people such as me will understand what monitoring is.” 

Nirmala, who is a member of this CFUG for a decade had not participated in any of the CF related activities. But now she is happy after participating in the self monitoring and report writing orientation event.  She had understood that the committee's task as holding meeting, general assembly, and fund mobilization in income generating activities only but now she has a good understanding about monitoring this event.

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